Testimonials for Highway 55 Party Rental

Chris Pederson and his team at Highway 55 are by far the best equipment rental company in the area. As an Event Planner for a health care company.....there are a lot of conferences, events...even last minute requests that come through. I have never once been disappointed with the service, delivery, set up or any other possible category related to renting equipment. I would 1000x recommend working with them for your needs! You won't be disappointed. – Deanna N.

I have rented a few times from HWY 55. Both the party and equipment side. My church also uses their tables and chairs for very large events. Every time their stuff is in great shape. Starts on the first pull, trailer's don't wander all over the road and it is clean equipment. No matter where in the cities I live I will drive there to get what I need. If I don't need anything I would drop by just to shoot the bull with them. They are all great guys. – Troy E.

We have rented many things from highway 55 (fans, bounce house, tools, landscaping equipment, etc.) and every time they have had impeccable customer service and they have been great to work with. It's the only place we will go! – Celeste C.

I've done business with Highway 55 Rental for a long time and have always been a satisfied customer. Today I sent a message in regards to a recent issue I had with them. Within minutes one of the owners responded and stated not only an immediate concern, but that the issue would be looked into. Minutes later they issued another message resolving the matter beyond my expectations. Outstanding customer service!! – Eric M.

I look into every company I work with before doing business, especially when it reflects on my own business. My experience with Highway 55 Rental has been very positive. Reservations were quick and easy. My tables, chairs & linens were delivered and set up on time and with a smile. The staff at Highway 55 Rental were very accommodating and I found the prices to be fair and straightforward. Hosting events regularly and with upcoming grad parties, I will continue to utilize them -- I highly recommend Highway 55 Rental! – Anne M.

Appreciate all Chris and Stormy did to make our JJ Hill Days inaugural outdoor community movie a wonderful success. Lots of moving parts and HWY 55 delivered with a personal touch that made it all successful. On time, on budget and hand holding the whole way through! – Elli A.

I used party rentals service. They have so much of inventory. It is definitely worth instead buying stuff and with reasonable prices. – Madhava R.

Great, knowledgeable and friendly staff. They have a large selection of whatever you might be needing and it is in good shape. Easy in and out and they help explain how things work as well as help load it for you. I'll be heading back! – Steve A.

I am so grateful and impressed with the Hwy 55 group. I went in today to rent a power tool. Fast and efficient service as always but what I appreciate most is how they treat me. They always always talk with me in a professional and informative manner, NEVER condescending because I am a female renting power tools. May not seem like much but for this do-it-yourself (or as much as I am able) gal who has not always been treated well, I am truly grateful. You will ALWAYS get my business. Keep it up. – Laurie R.

Such a great local company to rent just about anything from! They are wonderful supporters of the community and I can't say enough good things about Highway 55 rental!! – Isaac J.

Oh my gosh this company saved me! I had a nightmare of a move and I had to find a couple trucks to rent for a week quickly. I called in and the person on the phone was incredibly helpful and got me 2 trucks that same day! They gave me cost saving tips and suggestions and even offered to let us park the trucks on their secured lot if needed. What really impressed me was that after hearing our story and our concerns with the move, they called me the next day to let me know another truck was available if I might need it. I LOVE proactive companies and staff! We even had a bit of a mishap because one of the trucks leaked oil on the driveway; they sent out an employee to take care of it twice! No questions, no blame, they just did the right thing and fixed it! We brought the trucks back in the wrong order which could have caused an increased charge, but due to the fact it had an oil leak, they credited me the $30.00. They have created a loyal customer out of me, and I will recommend them to all my friends and family. – Melissa W.

When you lay down your hard earned dollars on a rental, you want it to work flawlessly, and if you have an issue you want someone you can call any time to sort it out. I have rarely seen the level of dedication and support that Highway 55 provides. Outstanding. Outstanding. Outstanding. – William M.

I have been meaning to write a review for several years but have not taken the time. I am 100% satisfied with 55 Rental. I am shocked to read about any piece of rental equipment not being perfect because I have rented dozens of pieces and everyone has performed perfectly. Over the past 20+ years I have rented: Log Splitters, Stump Grinders, Enclosed Trailers, 4 different Augers, 2 different Trenchers, Snake, Bobcat Skidsteer, Floor Sander, Sod Remover, etc., etc. Every time the engine ran smoothly, was well maintained, and very clean. Being able to rent a piece of equipment and know it will perform as expected is of great value to me. – Kevin O’.

Awesome team makes sure you get the right equipment for the job, even homeowners. They also make sure they do right by you when it comes time to settle up… – Matthew V.

Great service. Helpful, friendly, patient (when you have a few questions). Perfect place to help you find the right tool for the job at hand. – Keith B.

These guys are terrific. They give me what I need, always have what I need, get me in and out with no hassle whatsoever and are just generally great guys to work with. I would recommend them to anyone! – Jeffery M.

Great service, friendly, and a good selection. It's hard to find the quality of service these guys provide. – Ryan S.

Most other places I called said I would have to wait 1-2 weeks for service. Hwy 55 rental had my lawn mowers engine fixed in 2 days. When I picked it up, my entire mower was cleaned and it ran like new! I recommend Hwy 55 Rental for small engine repairs as well as any equipment rentals. – Mike S.